About MAC (McMullen) Yoga

Jeremy "Dr Mac" McMullen

RYT 200 certified yoga teacher.  Navy Veteran.  Dr. of Organizational Leadership.  Proud Papa of three awesome kids.  Full time husband.  Part time yoga instructor.  Perfectly Imperfect.

Tami McMullen

RYT 200 certified yoga teacher.  Proud Mom of three awesome kids. Full time wife. Part time yoga instructor. 

Dr. Mac's Yoga story

I was fat, fifty, and filled to capacity!


My days were full of work, homework and chores.  I had no time for exercise or for me.  Then I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.  After I finished my doctorate I had gained 40lbs and my clothes were no longer fitting, so I started out small by walking my dogs. 

I began to move...


Then my lovely and talented wife bought me an introductory yoga series and I was hooked. I felt better, lost weight, managed my stress, and increased my strength. 

My physical practice has allowed me to feel and look stronger!!!


I am imperfect.  I work at it.  I go to three yoga classes a week.  Practicing yoga has made me feel better both inside and out.  My breath practice gives me more time out of my head.  I call that more chill time.  

Tami's yoga journey

Not Motivated

I will be brutally honest.  I am not the most motivated person.  I have never liked to sweat or exercise.  

Consequently, I spent many years overweight.  In 2015, I decided to have what my husband called "the year of Tami".  I had gastric bypass surgery and began my pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.  As anyone who has had gastric bypass will tell you, it is not an easy fix and does not change your attitude about exercise or food.  

The Christmas Present

Our oldest daughter kept coming home and showing my husband all of these yoga poses.  He loved it.  I, on the other hand, could not make myself do yoga at home when soooo many other things needed done.  Sound familiar?  

For Christmas 2016, I got my husband a "Intro to Yoga" package at Sojourn.  I went with him for support and as something to do as a couple.  

Well, needless to say, we were hooked. 

The Present

I would love to say that I absolutely love doing yoga all of the time; however, I will  always be honest.  Sometimes my body hurts, sometimes I don't want to go--I'm tired, I have other things to do, (insert many excuses here).  

But let me tell you this...Yoga is the best thing that I have done for myself and my body.  I am not a naturally athletic person.  I am not a super motivated person.  

What I am is a person who has created a strong body and  found confidence in both my physical ability and my ability to conquer my fears.

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